5 Tips for Growing Your Business with Live Streaming Video

August 13, 2019

Do you remember the early days of live streaming video {cue all the Periscope hearts}?

We watched intently as our friends and colleagues braved the big bad Internet while the trolls stormed-in to the chatbox. This live streaming video thing had a fresh appeal being unscripted, vulnerable, and un-cut. Many of us tuned in and thought, “I’m never doing that…” as our friends poured their hearts out via live video. Some of you still may be saying that. But now, in 2019, it seems live streaming video is here to stay. While the novelty of this social media outlet was once a back-pocket trick for those brave enough to use it, it’s now a mission-critical tool that can grow business when used correctly.

The good news is it’s simpler than you think. Let’s discuss how to grow your business with live streaming video:

1. Get your lighting situated before you start.

Real-talk. Your viewers have lives. If your stream is delayed or distracting because of poor lighting {or because your camera keeps falling from your make-shift “tripod,”} people are going to get annoyed and click off. Having a few small, inexpensive pieces of equipment will make a difference in your live video sesh. This is a great lighting kit, but even if you decide to build your own, make sure you have these three things:

  • 14″ ring light – this tool will ensure your face is evenly lit, no harsh shadows or blown-out highlights. This is an affordable tool that will have you shining online.
  • Tripod – I know you likely have a robust tripod for your DSLR, but for this purpose, a lightweight, flexible and portable tripod is what you need. If you have to lug out your big-daddy tripod every time you go live, you may be less inclined to do it. This is about reducing limitations. Here’s my favorite {and ps. It’s cheap!!)
  • Smartphone Adaptor – This accessory slides right into your ring light’s hot shoe to give you the ultimate live stream experience – hands-free, no fumbles {work that body language, boo}.

Plan on going live from your desktop? Then promise me you’ll grab a fantastic light to ensure you’re well lit on your live video! My personal preference is an adjustable LED light! If you have a larger budget and want optimum lighting, try out this guy. This LED panel isn’t as mobile, but it uses 650 gorgeous LED lights and will make you look straight-up Hollywood as you grow your business with live streaming video.

2. Plan your content

Are you giving me the blank stare? Don’t worry, you can create stream-worthy content in under five minutes.
Open the notes app on your phone and jot down 5-10 questions or topics that you go over with others {like your clients} the most. Those things easily translate into live video content and {pro tip} you can repurpose those in a blog and social post later on.
Once you’ve finished, you’ll have plenty of material to get started! Also? If you want to grow your business with live streaming videos, you gotta make it snappy!
Organize your thoughts, get to the point, and move on with life. On average, you have 5-10min to spit it out and get on the road.

3. Use your content plan to through different types of videos

You’re an authority in your field – so let’s showcase what you do well.

  • Highlight your business – you can do this by sharing valuable information about what sets you apart and also offering expert advice that will garner audience attention while leveling-up that know/like/trust factor. Be sure to talk more about the problems you can solve for clients rather than your personal accomplishments {snore…}.
  • Tutorials – Oh-em-gee. People LOVE tutorials. It’s human nature to want to learn and you, the professional, model your expertise by doing simple video tutorials that teach and engage.
  • Educate – With live video, you have an opportunity to teach 24/7. People want to know how to take great photos with their smartphones; how to do basic photo editing; and how to dress for sessions. You can demonstrate these things, showing your value, without giving away all your trade secrets.

4. Make sure your videos are seen

Cue algorithm-induced migraine {I know, peach. I know}. The process is more straightforward than you think. Educate your viewers on how to use the platform and then ask them to participate. This means: encourage them to share the live stream; comment; drop emojis and use the reaction features.

5. Finally, don’t make it one-sided

Sometimes viewers are a little shy themselves, but you can help them to participate in the live video by telling them what to do while upping your engagement at the same time. Ask your viewers questions as you go and interact with them. Don’t forget to mention your replay viewers during your stream {they need love, too}. With all of these little hat-tricks in place, your business will grow by way of live streaming video in no time.

I hope you felt like you struck a little social media gold with this post. Want more? Download 30 social media posts for your photography business guide for more social media gold!