Consistency is Key

August 8, 2019

Want to get away from the post-production grind and get back to making pictures? Join the club. But how do we, as photographers, deliver excellent quality images, while minimizing the time we spend editing a session? How do we grow our business when we are buried under retouch job?

The answer is consistency.

A consistent editing workflow, coupled with a consistent photo aesthetic, takes the guess-work and the hard work out of photo editing.

Let’s break this down. Effective photographers have a consistent workflow and they adhere to it strictly.  It usually involves some version of:

  • download/back-up images
  • cull images using a program like Lightroom or PhotoMechanic
  • adjust images for exposure, hue/saturation and white balance
  • apply artistic edits and/or enhance the image beyond basic adjustment
  • prep final images for delivery

Most photographers can get through the first few steps in a jiffy, but get majorly side-tracked when it comes to the artistic edits. It is too easy to get bogged down in playing with sliders and messing with actions. Before you know it, you have spent hours on a session and the results are a mish-mash of styles.

Enter PixelSugar.

PixelSugar lets users create their own custom editing look (we call them “Recipes”) to achieve a fast, consistent presentation to their photography. Designed by photographers, PixelSugar can be used as a stand-alone application, or as a plug-in for Photoshop and Lightroom. Users can stack and combine filters, then save them as Recipes to use again and again.

With PixelSugar, it’s fast and easy to make beautiful artistic edits to your photography.