In Response to the novel Coronavirus

And our thoughts on Boo Yah Photo Collective

I’m writing today in consideration of how to best proceed with Boo Yah Photo Collective.  I’ve heard opinions that our timing is bad or that hosting a sale is distasteful in light of what’s going on globally — some of you have reached out to me directly and I’m grateful for your willingness to do so.  I’ve wrestled a lot with this in the last week.

Here’s where I’ve landed ::

It is a unique moment in the world right now.  There’s more uncertainty than certainty.  People are rightly scared and everything is upside-down.  I get that.  It’s likely none of us has ever faced a global issue like we’re seeing with COVID-19, and with any luck and a bit of providence from above, I hope we never will again.

We could stop everything we’re doing, fully dead in our tracks, in fear of what may or may not happen.  Or we can carefully, respectfully, delicately move forward, knowing that there will be an end to this madness and we’ll all get back to work.

The partners in Boo Yah Photo Collective have joined together because we believe in our industry.  We believe in our photographer-clients.  And we believe that the products we have on offer are truly helpful in allowing a photographer to build her or his business with greater ease and success.

We are committed to helping people.  And we also have committed to offering our products at a rate well below their asking price for a short period of time during Boo Yah Photo Collective.

This means that any photographers or business owners who need our products to help move their business forward have an opportunity to obtain the items they need at a dramatically reduced price.  And as we collectively get back to “normal” they’ll have the tools in their belt to rebuild their businesses, and will also have a few more dollars left in their pockets thanks to the reduced prices we’re making available to them at this time.

Imagine if dairy brands or toilet tissue brands or pharmaceutical brands were all offering the same discounted opportunities this week…

Could we cancel this thing altogether?  Certainly.  But we believe that the products and services we’re offering are of value to the photography community, will help people weather this crazy storm and come out stronger on the other side, and we’re willing to offer them at these deeply discounted rates.  We believe right now is the best time for Boo Yah.

We all are committed to our industry and to the people we serve, and so we are going to stay the course.

Thank you for being a part of this industry that we believe in so very strongly.